One project at a time.

As a smaller business, we have a distinct advantage when it comes to offering personal service. Our clients don’t have the inconvenience of their renovation needs being processed through a sales person, a project manager and then on to trades before a variation is made or a matter is addressed. We are able to offer our clients direct and speedy responses to their needs as we are hands-on throughout the entire renovation.

Our preference is to work through one project at a time, to ensure both quality of workmanship and client satisfaction.

Bathrooms and Kitchens have the highest level of building compliance requirements than any other room in the house. Compliance obligations relating to waterproofing, distance of power-points to water and accurate plumbing installations are just some of the issues that are specific to bathrooms and kitchens and not other rooms. Many builders are fine with the overall build, but lack the attention to detail these rooms demand. Your builder should specialize in bathroom & kitchen renovation